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Dust and Trail Tool

Dust and Trail is a powerful tool to add realistic trails to your scenes..from dirt to faerie dust to a jetliner - you can have them all! Compatible with Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 3.1+

Product Description


The Dust and Trail Tool lets you add realistic trails to your scenes. It doesn't matter if it's a stage coach or a ballistic missile - you will be able to create the perfect trail behind it. This powerful tool is easy to use and comes with 77 materials so you can get the look you want for your scene. There are even materials for bullet wakes and particle beams.

The Dust and Trail Tool is an easy way to bring life to your scenes! If you have the Smoke and Flames Tool, you'll find they can use the same materials, giving you even more flexibility!

What's Included & Features

  • Dust and Trail Tool - Complete Versions for Poser and DAZ Studio
    • DAZ Studio version with no "Point at Feature"
  • 7 Utility Poses
  • 2 Animation Examples
  • 77 Materials
    • Black Chunky Heavy
    • Black Chunky Light
    • Black Chunky Medium
    • Black Smooth Heavy
    • Black Smooth Light
    • Black Smooth Medium
    • Bullet Trail Blue
    • Bullet Trail Green
    • Bullet Trail Orange
    • Bullet Trail Purple
    • Bullet Trail Red
    • Bullet Trail White
    • Dust Chunky Heavy
    • Dust Chunky Light
    • Dust Chunky Medium
    • Dust Smooth Heavy
    • Dust Smooth Light
    • Dust Smooth Medium
    • Fae Trail Blue
    • Fae Trail Green
    • Fae Trail Pink
    • Fae Trail Red
    • Fae Trail White
    • Fae Trail Yellow
    • Fire B Green
    • Fire B Midnight
    • Fire B Natural
    • Fire B Violet
    • Fire B White
    • Orange Chunky Heavy
    • Orange Chunky Light
    • Orange Chunky Medium
    • Orange Smooth Heavy
    • Orange Smooth Light
    • Orange Smooth Medium
    • Plaz Ray Blue
    • Plaz Ray Green
    • Plaz Ray Purple
    • Plaz Ray Red
    • Plaz Ray White
    • Plaz Ray Yellow
    • Purple Chunky Heavy
    • Purple Chunky Light
    • Purple Chunky Medium
    • Purple Smooth Heavy
    • Purple Smooth Light
    • Purple Smooth Medium
    • Red Chunky Heavy
    • Red Chunky Light
    • Red Chunky Medium
    • Red Smooth Heavy
    • Red Smooth Light
    • Red Smooth Medium
    • Rocket Flame Chunky Heavy
    • Rocket Flame Chunky Light
    • Rocket Flame Chunky Medium
    • Rocket Flame Smooth Heavy
    • Rocket Flame Smooth Light
    • Rocket Flame Smooth Medium
    • Rocket Red Chunky Heavy
    • Rocket Red Chunky Light
    • Rocket Red Chunky Medium
    • Rocket Red Smooth Heavy
    • Rocket Red Smooth Light
    • Rocket Red Smooth Medium
    • Rocket White Chunky Heavy
    • Rocket White Chunky Light
    • Rocket White Chunky Medium
    • Rocket White Smooth Heavy
    • Rocket White Smooth Light
    • Rocket White Smooth Medium
    • White Chunky Heavy
    • White Chunky Light
    • White Chunky Medium
    • White Smooth Heavy
    • White Smooth Light
    • White Smooth Medium
  • 1,111 Texture Files
  • Comprehensive tutorial included

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10201
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software No
Release Date Aug 20, 2015

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