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Hemlock II - The Haunted Tree

This is Hemlock. He is the coolest spooky tree ever. He's perfect for Halloween but don't put him away just because the Jack-o-lanterns are all gone. He can spook up any creepy forest. Add Hemlock to your runtime today! Compatible with Poser

Product Description


If you're thinking that Hemlock is only going to help you on Halloween, remember that Dorothy ran into a bunch of his friends on her way to the Emerald City. Even Chris Kringle had a run in with some of Hemlock's ancestors on his way to deliver toys in Santa Claus is Coming to Town. If you're looking for a villain, he will definitely distress any damsel! His wide range of expressions means he can also be a helpful forest sentry, directing your adventures away from trouble.

Hemlock is a fully posable model. His "arms" are jointed as well his "hands". There are also 4 main roots, each of them fully posable.

He is remarkably easy to pose. All the smaller branches and roots utilize curve channels for amazing results. Just grab a tip with the translate tool and pull that branch into place.

Hemlock also has separately posable upper and lower teeth props. His face can be animated using the Eye, Brow and Mouth morphs. He includes speech phonemes and a viseme map file for Poser 7's Talk Designer.

Two texture map set are included. A pale, aged poplar sampled from a fallen tree and a mossy oak sampled from a standing snag. Both photorealistic textures are provided with 4000 pixel texture and bump maps. A node based material is also included. All materials include MAT-Poses and MC6 files.

    What's Included & Features

    • Figure (.cr2)
      • 42795 Vertexes
      • 38594 Facets
      • Scaled to match Standard Poser figures
      • Grasp EasyPose for "hands" and "feet"
      • "fingers" and "toes" use curve channels for smooth bending
      • Separate, posable teeth with EMC linked to face morphs.
    • Full Body Morphs
      • Tilt Crown Left
      • Tilt Crown Right
      • Extend Crown
      • Rough Bark
    • Face Morphs
      • Eye Happy
      • Eye Jagged
      • Eye Wide
      • Eye Wide R
      • Eye Wide L
      • Eye Blink
      • Eye Blink L
      • Eye Blink R
      • Brow Sad
      • Brow Anger
      • Brow Up
      • Brow Up L
      • Brow Up R
      • Brow Down
      • Brow Down L
      • Brow Down R
      • Brow Arch
      • Brow Arch L
      • Brow Arch R
      • Mouth Jagged
      • Mouth Frown
      • Mouth Smile
      • Mouth Snarl
      • Mouth Snarl L
      • Mouth Snarl R
      • Mouth Open
      • Mouth Open Lips
      • Mouth Close
      • Joy
      • Anger
      • Disgust
      • Fear
      • Sad
      • Surprise
      • Mouth A
      • Mouth E
      • Mouth F
      • Mouth M
      • Mouth O
      • Teeth Open
      • Teeth Jagged
    • Expressions (.fc2)
      • Anger
      • Disgust
      • Fear
      • Joy
      • Sad
      • Surprise
    • Poses (.pz2)
      • Attack
      • Booga
      • Sleeping
      • That Way
      • Twisted
      • Willow
    • Textures (4000 x 4000)
      • Mossy Oak
      • Fallen Poplar
      • Node Based Material
    • LipSyncing
      • Viseme Map for Poser 7+ Talk Designer

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10868
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software No
Release Date Jun 1, 2015

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