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Mastering Magnets in Poser

Learn magnets step by step! .mp4 Video

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Magnets in Poser are extremely powerful, but they are an often unused tool!

This recorded webinar presentation is by Charles Taylor (Nerd 3D), the product manager for Poser at Smith Micro Software. He's the top "go to" guy for Poser.

  • Note: The 800MB mp4 file has been split across several smaller zip files. We recommend these free programs: 7-Zip for Windows users and Keka for Mac users to combine them into a .zip file. Instructions for combining the files using these programs is contained in the file you will find in your downloads after purchase: 11409-mastering-magnets-in-poser-uncompressing.txt. Please read this file!
  • This tutorial covers

    • Introduction: Three components of magnets – but endless combinations!
    • What a magnet is not and what it is
    • The magnet base is a foundation for the effect
    • Everything is inside the magnet zone
    • Getting a hold of the magnet's handle
    • Using magnets to effect several objects at once
    • The repeatable power of magnets
    • Managing interaction with morphs, joints and other magnets
    • Advanced control with the Fall Off Graph
    • Ultimate control with weight mapped magnets
    • Putting all the pieces together
    • The magnet's amazing relative: the wave deformer

    About Nerd 3D (Charles Taylor)

    "I started with Poser in 1999 right after Poser 4 was released. At that time I was working as a mechanic, trying to start a computer repair business, and fiddling with this new toy called Poser.

    Even in school, I always wanted to do computer graphics for a living, but I didn't know how or where to get started. I figured my chances of getting into movies as a CG artist were pretty slim. Poser has made my dream of working as a CG artist come true. I now work at home creating content for the Poser Universe.

    My first Poser product was "Morgana", an extremely skimpy costume for the Poser 4 female or Posette. I sold the first copy of Morgana May 10th of 2000. That changed my world. My wife Lynda knew how much I wanted to do this for a living. I was scared to let go of the 9 to 5 world. She eventually talked me into it and I went to full time Poser content creation.

    For years I spent my time pushing the limits of what Poser can do. I guess that is what I've always done with Poser. My experiments produced products that allowed smoke and fire simulations in Poser without the need for scripts or troublesome plugins.

    Then in April of 2015 I was invited to join the Poser team as Product Manager for Poser. Now I can really help drive Poser into the future. For me Poser is much more than a program. It's a way of life and a livelihood."

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    Additional Information

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