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Have you ever wanted a particle based water spray for a scene? Have you wrestled with particle systems, only to achieve frustration? If you want a quick easy way to create a particle like effect without the headache, this tool is for you! Compatible with Poser 6+ and and DAZ Studio 3.1+

Product Description


May 15, 2020: We have discovered that, due to changes in DAZ Studio beginning with version 4.6, the program will not save the morph data for the actual droplets.

If you create an animation in DAZ Studio and save it, you will need to use the following workaround to make it work when you re-open it: Save the pose of the sprayer, reload the sprayer, and then apply the pose.

The Nerd3D Spray Tool gives you the power to create a spray of water, wine, acid, or whatever else you can dream up, without the complexity of a real particle system. Still, it does a lot of the things you'd expect from particles without the mystery or problems. There is an emitter where the droplets originate. There is a target where they are directed and removed from the scene. The droplets are really added and removed from the scene, not just made invisible. This makes the tool very geometry efficient with little impact on render times. There is no need to calculate particle simulations.

So how does it work? As far as DAZ Studio and Poser are concerned this is just a figure. There are no scripts, no plugins, nothing weird. Well nothing too weird anyway. This is all done with slaved movement channels, geometry switches, fancy math and a little Nerd3D Magic. Don't worry - the math is hidden deep inside. You won't need to bother with it.

All you have to do is place the emitter where the stream starts, then use the dials in the control group to place the target where you want the stream to go. Spin the "Spray" dial and watch the drop fly from the emitter to the target. You can see in real time where the drops go, and how fast. The set includes several poses and animations to help you get stared using this powerful tool. The set also includes a tool to create little splats where the stream is directed. This adds to the realism of the scenes you create.

So what doesn't it do? It's not real gravity the drops move at a constant speed. The drops don't obey physics so the don't collide with anything. They Just fly to the target and disappear.

What's Included & Features

  • Figures (.cr2, .daz)
    • Sprayer Tool
      • 100 Drop Groups, 50 Droplets per group, 5000 Droplets Total
      • See your spray effect take shape in real time!
      • No plugins or scripts to cause conflicts or go obsolete!
      • All Control Dials in the Control Handle
        • Spray (the activation dial)
        • Starting Diameter
        • Collimate
        • Droplet Interval
        • Target Range
        • Target Side-Side
        • Target Front-Back
        • Target X Angle
        • Target Z Angle
        • Gain Random Y
        • Gain Random XZ
        • Gain Spread
        • Droplet Thickness
        • Droplet Length
        • Droplet Teardrop
        • Droplet Skew
        • Random Droplet Size
        • Random Droplet Shape
        • Randomize XZ
        • Randomize Y
        • Randomize Rotation
    • Splats Tool
      • 200 Splat Emitters
      • See Effects in Real Time
      • All Controls Grouped in the Control Handle
        • Length
        • Width
        • TwistAll
        • SideSideAll
        • BendAll
        • ScaleAll
        • xScaleAll
        • zScaleAll
        • RandomizeX
        • RandomizeY
        • RandomizeZ
        • RandomizeTwist
        • RandomizeSide-Side
        • RandomizeFront-Back
        • RandomizeSizeZ
        • RandomizeSizeX
        • RandomizeSize
        • All Splat
        • All Radiate
        • 0 Through 10 Splat
        • 0 Through 10 Radiate
    • Materials (.mt5, .mc6, .ds)
      • Standard Materials
        • Drop Water
        • Drop Acid
        • Drop Black
        • Drop Blood
        • Drop Lemon
        • Drop Blur
        • Drop Purple
        • Drop White
        • Splat Acid
        • Splat Black
        • Splat Blood
        • Splat Lemon
        • Splat Purple
        • Splat Rain
        • Splat White
      • Ray Traced Materials
        • Water
        • Acid
        • Ray Trace Blur (Poser Only)
        • Grape
        • Lemon
        • Wine
    • Poses (.pz2, .ds)
      • Hose Spray
      • Narrow Stream
      • Shower Head
      • Splats Shower Fast
      • Splats Shower Slow
      • Shadow ON
      • Shadow OFF
      • Smoothing ON
      • Smoothing OFF

    Note: Scenes, poses and animations created in one program are not compatible with the other, even if both version are installed.

    Please see enclosed pdf tutorial for information and instructions.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10202
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software No
Release Date Jun 30, 2016

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