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Romantic Glitter for Superfly

Make your romantic scenes shine and spark with these Superfly shaders! Compatible with Poser 11+

Product Description


These are very fun shaders to work with, and I hope you enjoy it! Make things decorative and shining with love and romance!

Please note: This product is not a Merchant Resource

Romantic Glitter for Superfly contains 4 Base materials in mt5 (single material) format, and a number of Python scripts with launchers (in mt5 format) to adjust the parameters of these base materials. All scripts were tested both on PC and Mac.

Mix-n-match with Winter Glitter for Superfly. You can mix base shaders, colors and glitter patterns as you like.

The Base materials are Cycles root shaders. This setup allows really unlimited number of different looks but has some known limitations:
* These shaders are slightly simplified to make rendering faster and allow a lot of objects with these shaders in a scene. So, they are not 100% photorealistic and probably should not be used in a real physical products representations and other scenes where extreme realism is needed.
* Poser preview will not show these shaders correctly, as is always the situation with Superfly/Cycles root shaders.
* Poser Undo/Redo system will work only for Base materials application. This is a Poser Python limitation. Sorry, no workarounds here.
* As always, with seamless patterns, there can be problems at the UV seams, especially at small tiling values, and distortions of patterns on objects that are not smooth enough.

Refer to the ReadMe for how to use this product, including:
* optimal lighting conditions
* minimal and optimal render settings
* workarounds for known limitations
* working with scripts as MatWriter Panel, eXtended Shader Manager and others

What's Included & Features

  • Materials (.mt5)
    • 4 Base materials
      • Thin frosted glass
      • Volumetric frosted glass
      • Solid
      • Velvet
  • Launcher/Python Script Pairs (.mt5)
    • 5 Base colors
      • White-Silver
      • Gold-Yellow
      • Red
      • Pink
      • Violet
    • 3 Outer layer settings
      • None
      • Glass
      • Plastic
    • 7 Glitter settings
      • 5 tileable patterns
      • Full glitter
      • No Glitter
    • 5 Glitter colors
      • Silver
      • Gold
      • Red
      • Pink
      • Violet
    • 6 Glitter pattern tiling settings
      • 5 presets
      • Script for free settings
    • 6 Glitter flakes size settings
      • 5 presets
      • Script for free settings
    • 6 Base roughness settings
      • 5 presets
      • Script for free settings
  • Textures
    • 5 png tileable patterns 1024x1024
    • 2 png placeholders 10x10
    • Glitter normal map 200x200

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11813
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software Poser 11+
Release Date Feb 13, 2018

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