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Starweed and FantaStar Iray Addon

Starweed and FantaStar. now in full Iray glory! Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.9+

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Product Description


This is a pack of Iray materials for Lisa's Botanicals Starweed and the texture addon for it, FantaStar. All options of the original products were carefully translated to Iray. Shaders were customized, and transparency maps were slightly changed for fast and error-free rendering in Iray!

All plant Iray materials are built with phd 2-sided Vegetation Iray Shader Merchant Resource (not required). This allows you to cut render times 25-30% compared to the usual Iray shader.

Requires Lisa's Botanicals Starweed and FantaStar.

What's Included & Features:

  • Materials (.duf)
    • 31 Iray Materials
      • Starweed
        • 4 for plants without flowers - 2 Common Starweed and 2 Mouseear starweed
        • 4 full materials for plants with flowers - 2 Common Starweed and 2 Mouseear starweed
        • 4 partial materials for flowers options for Common Starweed and Mouseear starweed both
      • FantaStar
        • 2 materials for plants without flowers - narrow and wide leaves options
        • 17 materials for plants with flowers:
        • 2 full materials for narrow- and wide-leaves plants
        • 2 partial materials for leaves only
        • 7 partial materials for flowers for wide-leaves plants
        • 6 partial materials for flowers for narrow-leaves plants
  • Textures (.jpg)
    • 6 transparency maps for leaves and flowers (4 for Starweed and 2 for FantaStar)
    • Derived from the original Lisa's Botanicals maps, with permission of the author.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11503
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software No
Release Date Feb 14, 2017

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