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AH-1 Cobra Helicopter

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A fully-rigged attack helicopter for use in Poser. Includes rotating blades, opening canopy doors, movable weapons, and more. Compatible with Poser only.

Product Description


The Bell AH-1 Cobra is an attack helicopter. It shares a common engine, transmission and rotor system with the older UH-1 "Huey". It is variously called the "HueyCobra," "SeaCobra," "SuperCobra," "Whiskey Cobra," "Zulu Cobra," "Viper," or "Snake"; depending on the model.

The AH-1 was once the backbone of the United States Army's attack helicopter fleet, but has been replaced by the AH-64 Apache in Army service.

In March, 1999, the last AH-1 Cobras were retired from active duty from the US Army. Upgraded versions continue to fly with the United States Marine Corps (AH-1W) and several other users.

What's Included & Features:

  • Models(.OBJ, .CR2)
    • Helicopter: Super-detailed, at over 220,000 polygons
      • Includes modelled rivets on the hull!
      • Detailed cockpit instrumentation panels.
      • Upper rotor and blades can rotate around (with an ERC dial on the BODY).
      • Upper blades can flex up and down (with and ERC dial on the BODY) to simulate drooping blades when the helicopter has landed.
      • Rear blades can rotate around (with an ERC dial on the BODY).
      • All four canopy doors (two on the right and two on the left) can open and close (with an ERC dial on the BODY for each door).
      • Front and rear joysticks can move front/ back and left/ right.
      • Front gun turret can rotate.
      • Machine gun barrel can spin around for accurate gun-firing animation.
      • Blade Blur prop included to simulate the spinning of the blades.
        • The Blade Blur "props" are parts of the model instead of separate obj and prop files.
        • Hide/ show poses for the upper blades and rear blades are included.
      • The right and left weapons pods (two on each side) can be hidden or shown to suit the needs of your scene.
        • The Trans dials have been enabled so you can make scenes of personnel loading the weapons onto the helicopter.
  • Textures
    • Texture sets includes texture maps, bump maps, and specular maps.
    • The specular maps add "streaks" to the model.
    • Uses Poser shader nodes (noise, fBm) for extra detailing, which may not render correctly in other software programs.
    • The Blade Blur props are mapped the same as the other Vanishing Point helicopters.
    • MAT Poses
      • Green
      • Green No Mouth: the green coloring, but without the mouth and teeth
      • Brown
      • Brown No Mouth: the brown coloring, but without the mouth and teeth

Original model made by Digimation ModelBank; uploaded and sold here with permission.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Compatible Software No
Release Date Aug 6, 2014

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