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Wilderness Scenes Advanced Painting Techniques Video

Almost two hours of video instruction on basic art composition and digital painting techniques! .mp4 Videos

Product Description


This is a webinar recording of a live session. Bonus video concentrating on PD Howler Puppy Ray GPU Techniques

While the painting portion is geared for PD Howler, the concepts are valid for any art project (whether traditional or digital), no matter your software or medium and can be fairly easily translated into any software program that uses brushes for painting.

Includes a bonus video concentrating on PD Howler Puppy Ray GPU Techniques.

IMPORTANT: The zip file containing the ReadMe and the two mp4files (approx 916 and 523 mb) has been split into 18 smaller zip files. They must first be combined into a .zip file.

We recommend these free programs: 7-Zip for Windows users and Keka for Mac users to combine them into a .zip file (other programs may also work, but we have tested successfully with these programs and can not guarantee success with other programs).

Instructions for combining the files using these programs is contained in the file you will find in your downloads after purchase: 11931-wilderness-scenes-advanced-painting-techniques-video-uncompressing.txt. Please read this file!

Main Subjects covered

  • Preparing a concept or mood board - the best foundation for your project
  • Choosing the orientation of the image and how it affects the end product
  • The top techniques that I use in almost every project
  • Expert advice with brushes - selecting the best brushes for each job
  • Six composition techniques explained that will make your landscape "pop"
  • Rule of thirds and the golden triangle
  • Leading with lines
  • Framing and cropping
  • Symmetry and asymmetry
  • Points of interest
  • Considering the background layer in detail
  • Mid Horizon Layer
  • Low Horizon Layer
  • Foreground Layer
  • Fine tuning the image - balancing the weight of elements

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Additional Information

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