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  • Ken Gilliland

SBRM Flamingos

All Seven Flamingos found throughout the globe. Compatible with Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 3.1+.

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Songbird ReMix Flamingos brings to live all six species of Flamingo plus the infamous Plastic Lawn Ornament. This unique bird comes in all shades of pink to coral red. From the threatened James‘s Flamingo of the Andes to the Greater Flamingo of the African wetlands to the American Flamingo of the Mangrove swamps, Songbird ReMix Flamingo will definitely fulfill your needs for a pink bird.

All birds in this package use the Songbird Remix technology which means you can animate them from a standing pose to full flight, plus have scores of morphs for customization. Any of the birds from this package are worthy centerpieces in any form of imagery.

  • Models(.cr2/.obj formats)
    • SBRM3 Flamingo Base
  • Bird Species (.pz2, .duf and .dsa formats)
    • Old World Flamingos
      • Greater Flamingo
      • Lesser Flamingo
    • New World Flamingos
      • American (or Caribbean) Flamingo (both Caribbean & South American Races)
      • Andean Flamingo
      • Chilean Flamingo
      • James's (or Puna) Flamingo
  • Poses: (.pz2 format)
    • Flamingo Alert
    • Flamingo Croquet
    • Flamingo Flight1
    • Flamingo Flight2
    • Flamingo Forage1
    • Flamingo Forage2
    • Flamingo Forage3
    • Flamingo Groom
    • Flamingo Rest
    • Flamingo Stand1
    • Flamingo Stand2
    • Plus partial poses that EZ pose settings
  • Props: (.pp2/.ds formats)
    • Plastic Lawn Flamingo Model (with shaping morphs)
  • Formats
    •  Consolidated Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 4.5+ Bird Character Presets (.pz2/.duf)
    • Legacy DAZ Studio3 Bird Character Presets Available in the Separate Legacy Folder
  • Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Release Date Dec 15, 2009

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