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  • Ken Gilliland

SBRM Threatened, Endangered, Extinct 3

Birds species on or beyond the brink of extinction. Compatible with Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 3.1+.

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The Threatened, Endangered, Extinct series within the Songbird Remix library is more than a “just another” collection of 3D bird models. It is content with a message and one that enables 3D Artists and Educators to illustrate the struggle and in some case, extinction, of many avian species by creating imagery that not only entertains but educates.

This collection includes the birds found throughout the world that are in trouble, on the brink of extinction or we've lost forever. Critically endangered birds such as the Polynesian Millerbird, Spix‘s Macaw and the threatened Kea.

The Millerbird is facing extinction because for a ripple effect from a seemingly innocent introduction of rabbits to its habitat. The rabbits multiplied and ate all the vegetation, which killed off the insect life that the Millerbird needed to survive. Spix‘s Macaw fate was due to introduction of Africanized “killer” bees into its habitat. The bees took over their nesting cavities. The Kea, an unusual alpine parrot (and consider one of the smartest animals on the planet) is threatened because of its ability to adapt the changes man has given it.

Whether you choose to create art with a message or you are simply looking for realistic and attractive birds for your imagery, this package will easily fulfill those needs.

  • Models(.cr2/.obj formats)
    • SBRM3 Songbird Base
    • SBRM3 Gamebird Base
    • SBRM3 Parrot Base
    • SBRM3 WF3 (Gull) Base
    • SBRM3 WF7 (small wader) Base
  • Bird Species (.pz2, .duf and .dsa formats)
    • Extinct
      • Bonin Grosbeak (Male & Female) (Japan)
    • Extinct-in-the Wild
      • Socorro Dove (Mexico)
    • Critically Endangered
      • Spix's Macaw (Adult & Juvenile) (Brazil)
      • Socialable Lapwing (Eurasia)
      • Millerbird (Polynesia)
      • Colorful Puffleg (Columbia)
      • Black-winged Starling (Indonesia)
    • Endangered
      • Golden-cheeked Warbler (Texas, Mexico, Central America)
      • Ashy Storm-petrel (Coastal California)
      • Aquatic Warbler (Eurasia, Africa)
    • Threatened
      • Corsican Nuthatch (France)
      • Moluccan Cockatoo (Indonesia)
      • Scarlet-collared Flowerpecker (Philippines)
      • Sichuan Jay (China)
    • Near Threatened
      • Salt Marsh Sparrow (Coastal Eastern United States)
      • Kea (New Zealand)
  • Formats
    • Consolidated Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 4.5+ Bird Character Presets (.pz2/.duf)
    • Legacy DAZ Studio3 Bird Character Presets Available in the Separate Legacy Folder
  • Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)

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Additional Information

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