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Spawn 2014

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A great tool for easily creating and manipulating Morph and Parameter Dials in Poser. Can compliment the Dependencies Editor. Compatible with Poser only

Product Description


Previously sold at Runtime DNA

Spawn is a compact, dockable utility that allows you to quickly spawn morph dials, controllers (master dials) and rig existing dials to one another.

It is a full-featured Poser Utility for figures and smart props that allows you to easily handle Morph and Parameter Dial Creation. It is able to set up Simple and Complex relationships between dials, quickly and intuitively, providing you with an intelligent, Wizard-style system that walks you through each step. It is able to handle joint-controlled morphs (JCMs), parameters that drive Scales, Rotations and Translations and other creative dial designs. It can even make connections to existing Morph and Parameter Dials, whether those were designed in Spawn or created by some other means, such as Poser's Dependent Parameters system. All of this works righ inside of Poser, without requiring hand-editing of any kind.

What's Included & Features

  • Spawn 2014
  • Features
    • Works with figures and smart props, can parent regular props to null figure the program can load for you
    • Updates automatically as figures orsmart props are selected in the scene
    • Customizable - choose colors, which rooms (including Fitting Room) for Spawn to show up in, dock or float, save settings in each room
    • General configuration menu to change interface colors, fonts, tooltips style, etc.
    • Dial presets button (sphere) allows access to convenient presets that can be loaded when working with dial settings
    • Create partial presets
    • Quickly switch between figures and smart props in the scene
    • Define the internal name, external name, sensitivity, minimum value and maximum value when spawning morphs or creating controllers
    • Define specific settings that are applied when a master dial or controller is created
    • Enhanced parts list with icons and the ability to define the selection color.
      • Show all the parts available to the figure (or one part if the object is a smart props)
      • Selected parts determine where morphs are create
      • Lit up bone icons when morphs or parameter dials are active on a part
      • Selection of a part in Poser or Spawn highlights it in the other
      • Functions menu of frequently used options and handy tools for working with figures, smart props and dials
    • Auto-select button - automatically select parts in the parts list if any dials are active or deformers are influencing those parts
      • Option to select all parts
      • Option to omit a figure's body part from auto-selection
    • Toggle between 3 modes, with status line to let you know what operations have been performed or options have been changed
      • Spawn morphs
        • Create morphs dials across as many body parts as you need
        • Option to create a master dial in the body part location of your choice
      • Create controller
        • Create master parameter dial to drive exising morphs and parameters or affect rotations, translations and/or scales.
      • Rig existing dials
        • Make connections between existing morphs and parameter dials or to affect transforms (rotations, translations and/or scales)
        • Have morphs or parameters control rotations, translations and/or scales
        • Create joint-controlled morphs, not limited to rotations.
        • Allow scales or translations to activate morph or parameter dials
      • Core configuration menu
    • Functions menu
      • Remove all deformers from the scene.
      • Batch process magnet sets to quickly add morphs to clothing when using Netherworks' Morphkit products
      • Toggle active select feature to sync body part selections between spawn and poser
      • Toggle between creating controllers and master dials as parameter dials or empty morph targets
      • Zero dials, rotations, translations, scales or all of them for any or all body parts
      • Set dial values across multiple morphs and parameters
      • Load a null figure for temporarily changing standalone props to smart props by parenting them to the null
      • Plugins menu for Addons
        • Link Spawn to some other Netherworks Studio Utilities
        • Enable or disable plugins as you wish
      • Edit or add prefixes that spawn is able to recognize when working with dials
      • Define clothing with extra parts (straps, bows, etc) to be affected by magnet sets that normally aren't designed to affect these areas
      • Define magnet exclusions for certain figures to prevents Spawn from affecting figures with embedded magnets that it cannot normally detect
      • Fine tune a variety of creation options
        • Which confirmation dialogs to show
        • If hidden dials are affected
        • Whether or not Spawn ignores slight rotations in certain body parts
      • Affect options that involve the creation of master dials
        • Setting certain values of dials that a master controls
        • Whether or not a master dial is created when working with jcm
      • Control how lists are presented when a dialog controls the selection of morph and parameter dials
      • Affect how deformers are handled in batch-style operations
    • Includes Morph Mirror, a plug-in that allows morphs in figures and smart props to be mirrored
  • Guides and Tutorials
    • Fully Illustrated pdf guide with tutorials to help you learn how to use Spawn
    • Quick guide that shows an overview of Spawn's interface and a summary of what each area does
    • Morph Mirror pdf guide explaining Morph Mirror and its use
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