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Tongue Controls For Dawn

This product enables you to stick out Dawn's tongue, make it floppy or curly, and much more - easily! There are 10 quick pose presets included as well. Requires DAZ Studio or above Compatible with DAZ Studio only.

Product Description


Tongue Controls for Dawn adds 11 custom dials (and an additional to open the mouth) to the character's parameters, as well as 10 pose presets for the tongue - to enable you to easily adjust the tongue.

Requires DAZ Studio or above

What's Included & Features

  • Custom Pose Control Dials for Dawn's tongue
    • Tongue Base L/R : moves the tongue base left or right
    • Tongue Curly/Floppy : makes the tongue curly or floppy
    • Tongue Curved : curves the tongue to the left or right side
    • Tongue Length : lengthens or shortens the tongue
    • Tongue Thinness : makes the tongue thinner or thicker
    • Tongue Twist : twists the tongue
    • Tongue Up/Down : bends the tongue up or down
    • Tongue Width: adjusts the tongue's width
    • Tip Curly/Floppy : makes the tip curly or floppy
    • Tip Curved L/R : curves the tip left or right
    • Tip Twist : twists the tip
    • Open Mouth (this is just to be able to open the mouth quickly without opening another parameter group)
  • Poses
    • 10 Pose Presets for the tongue
    • 1 Reset Pose
  • Script for disabling "OpenMouth" limits

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10594
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dawn
Compatible Software No
Release Date Aug 11, 2014

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